We are proudly announced, Detail is the first universal climatic chamber of Turkey which is designed and produced by Ottonom engineers. It provides test conditions such as aging, thermal shock, pressurization, blasting, vibration, daylight and UV in accordance with the norms in Automotive, Aerospace & Defence, Medicine, Food, and Pharmaceuticals. Detail guarantees high precision testing conditions for its client. Detail climatic test chamber validates the design and qualifies the process, with accurate test conditions
Technical Features:

* Min. Temp: -70 oC
* Max. Temperature +250 oC
* Humidity Range: 10% RH to 99% RH
* Volume: 0.2 to 2 m3
* Temperature Change Rate: 5 °C/min
* Temperature Stability: ±1 oC
* Humidity Stability: ±2% RH
* Resolution: 0.1 oC and 0.1% RH
* Vibration(Z) frequency: 10 Hz - 60 Hz
* Vibration(Z) acceleration: 9G max.
* 32-bit digital measurement

Other Features:

* 2-year guarantee
* ISO, DIN, STD and IEC compatibility
* CE certificate
* CFC gases free system

Special Features:

* User friendly touch screen operation
* Compatible with Wi-Fi and LAN
* Ease of use with smart devices (phone, tablet,etc)
* Remote access via the Internet
* Define and record test cycles in memory (with unlimited test digits)
* Record actual values as trend graphs that are desired to be achieved in the test cycle
* View and check the programme being written
* Operation data can be downloaded when needed via USB
* Timer function to allow the chamber to be started or shut down automatically
* Overheating and overcooling control
* System alarms which shows breakdown details and fixig tips

Test Range:

* Thermal Aging
- Thermic Cycle
- Thermal Shock
- Humidity Tests
- Rain Test
* Solar Aging
- UV Radiation
- Daylight Radiation
* Dynamic Aging
- Vertical(z) Vibration
- Lateral(x,y) and Radian Vibration
* Under Pressure Aging
- Fluid Pressure Impulse
- Fluid Leakege
- Burst Test