ottonom pd
The product development activity covers both existing product and new product development projects. Ottonom PD provides all the product development activities required in Automotive, White Goods and Rail Systems with its expert engineering team. According to customer needs, we take position every step of the new product development from product definition to JOB1 also we ensure quality improvement, new function or feature add-ons for existing products.
Product Development

Vehicle Design

Ottonom was built on automotive industry experiences. The founders who worked in various projects in different company for many years in the automotive industry established Ottonom PD. In other words, vehicle design is one the best skill of Ottonom Production Development business unit. We took part different, Body in White(BIW), closures, trim components, vehicle doors and vehicle seat projects in past three years.
Product Development

Structural and Functional Analysis

Ottonom Engineers use analyse platform for first verification of the designed products. The verification process of the component begins after design phase ended. According to the results, Ottonom PD engineers give direction to the design. After the standards results that are defined specifically to the component are achieved, the manufacturing phase begins. This phase also consists the functional analysis. Thus ensure the accurate design.
Product Development

Fixture and Test Bench Design

Fixtures are components that allow components to be placed and fixed as they are in working conditions. Ottonom PD engineers design fixtures according to the parameters that are defined for process. In addition, providing test bench design and manifacture to carry out the verification process of the component.
Product Development

Engineering Support Services

1- With an experienced and result-oriented engineer team, Ottonom PD provides technical support according to company needs. Ottonom engineers contribute to the achievement of the targets of the company with periodical or project based support activities. Today, more than 50 hardworking Ottonom engineers are key member of companies in various locations of Turkey.