Holding Fixtures

Holding fixtures supports and holds whole body of airplane part in different desired angles to ease assembly process.

Different holding positions are possible using only one fixture with fine design. 

Lay-Up Tools

Lay-up tools are used for adhesive lay-up of bonded panels prior to bonding for lay-up composite material to cure.

The tool is designed according to the behavior, shape and usage area of the composite material. The part is scaled while tool designing due to mold expansion rate in autoclave.

Assembly Fixtures

An assembly fixture’s function is to support or locate parts and clamping them in their proper relative position for assembly.

The fixture can be constructed with using laser tracker. Laser tracker purpose is to level or alignment of the tool base 
plates or structures.

Welding Fixtures

A welding fixture is used to locate and clamp parts in their proper relative position prior to welding operation.

The fixture assist and control the joining process.

Component Jigs

A tool used to locate and hold parts and/or assemblies in their proper relative position for drilling/or assembly.

COJI is used for the assemblies which are large in size and complex.

Drilling is done by drill bushings positioned according to position of holes on the part.

Drill Plates

A flat piece of material provided with bushings or adapter size holes, used for drilling and/or remaining a hole or a pattern of holes in part.

Tool is indexed to the part by means of pins or by using the edges of the plate for alignment.

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