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Production Technologies


As Ottonom Production Technologies, we carry out special machine, special test system, tool design and manufacturing activities. We offer various projects for the engineering needs of many sectors such as aviation, automotive, white goods and to other leader industries.industry with a unique structure that can work in different disciplines.

With our ability to move in accordance with the special processes of different sectors, we create value-added works; while providing project and configuration management in accordance with aviation standards in industry and aviation projects, we operate with flexible management and production processes specific to the variable and fast structure of the automotive sector.

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Ottonom Üretim Teknolojileri Kabiliyet ve Yetkinlikler

Capabilities and Competencies of Ottonom Production Technologies

  • Capability to develop fully automatic machines and systems tailored to customer demands, ranging from mass production machines to custom test systems.
  • High expertise in mechanical design, automation, and commissioning. Specialization in all CAD programs such as Catia, NX, Inventor for mechanical design.
  • Competency in using Labview, Siemens PLC, and Beckhoff PLC for automation projects.
  • Development of interface and software for all machines developed by production technologies.
  • Robot programming competency with YASKAWA, ABB, KUKA robots, etc.
  • Competency in reading, processing, and monitoring requested data in custom test systems, particularly in, aviation, automotive, and white goods sectors. Design and implementation of various test machines.
  • Ability to develop custom test systems compliant with main industry specifications, including function determination, design, product selection, data reading, processing, and analysis
Üretim Teknolojileri

An Organization That Creates
Difference and Adds Value in
Production Technologies

  • Project Management Unit
  • Industrial Operations Mechanical Design Unit
  • Aerospace Projects Mechanical Design Unit
  • Production and Commissioning Unit
  • Automation and Commissioning Unit

Project Management Unit

All projects are monitored by experts working in project management. Project experts ensure that the project is completed on the designated date, within the specified budget, and in a way that meets the customer’s request.

Industrial Operations Mechanical Design Unit

Projects in industries such as white goods and automotive are designed by Industrial Operations Mechanical Design Experts. This unit is responsible for the design of both serial production machines and special test equipment.

Aerospace Projects Mechanical Design Unit

All aerospace projects are designed by this unit. Although the working principle is different from that in industrial operations, this unit is responsible for the design of special machines and test systems for aerospace projects. In addition, this unit also implements special tool (fixture) designs used in aerospace and automotive industries.

Production and Commissioning Unit

This unit is responsible for the production planning of completed designs, determining the products to be produced by external manufacturers and OTTONOM PT, and ensuring that production is carried out in accordance with technical drawings.

Automation and Commissioning Unit

This unit is responsible for preparing the software and user interface for the working algorithm of the designed machine in the design unit. The responsibility of the Automation and Commissioning Unit is to commission a mechanical equipment/machine that has been mechanically installed. After preparing its software and hardware, they make the machine operational. They perform tests involved in the project process to ensure that the machine works as intended.